Central Air Conditioning Repair

Your home’s central A/C is one of its most used components. If it fails, it can lead to stagnant, uncomfortable air that can lead to heat exhaustion and is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and allergens. The Robinson Plumbing & HVAC technicians can perform your repairs quickly and efficiently. Contact us now at (404) 549-6888 to find out more about our central air conditioning repair provided in Smyrna, GA, and how we can help you.

Common Issues With Household Air Conditioners

Central Air Conditioning Repair

When Your Central AC is Acting Up, Call Us for Central Air Conditioning Repair Service.

While central air conditioning systems are made to be sturdy and long-lasting, they may start to exhibit signs of damage and wear through time. Fortunately, certain indicators can help offer clues to the issue you have. Call our professionals at (404) 549-6888 at the first sign of a problem to get affordable, effective repair.

Problems With Refrigerant

Refrigeration is the most common problem in central air conditioning units and is usually solved by recharging the refrigerant. However, at times, low refrigerant levels are caused by leaks. An expert can perform a pressure test to ensure that your system is performing as it should.

Part Breakdown

Part failure in your central air conditioner can lead to system malfunction as well as low performance. Our technicians are able to deliver the information and experience you need to come to the best solution for your system. Whether your coil needs to be replaced or you’re having a sensor malfunction, our technicians are able to repair any air conditioning part to get your unit back to great.

Problems With the Drain System

As your air conditioner increases its operation in warmer months, the drain intake also increases. When your drain pan or lines are clogged, it can lead to serious water damage in your home. The Robinson Plumbing & HVAC professionals can deliver a complete inspection to ensure you have no clogs or blockages.

Call the experts if you’re looking for reliable central air conditioning repair in Smyrna, GA. We perform a full inspection of your system and go through all of your repair options. Our team has cultivated relationships with local top suppliers so we can offer only the highest-quality parts and materials available. For air conditioner service that you can rely on, call our experts at (404) 549-6888.