AC Refrigerant Recharge

Your home’s air conditioner is your number one protection against the punishing heat of summer. But, with no refrigerant, your AC system simply won’t produce cool air. Our professionals are able to provide AC recharge services that are dependable and convenient. Call the Robinson Plumbing & HVAC technicians at (404) 549-6888 to learn how our home AC refrigerant recharge in Smyrna, GA can keep your air conditioner cooling all summer long.

What is AC Refrigerant?

AC Refrigerant Recharge

If You Aren’t Getting Enough Cool Air or Warm Air is Blowing Through Your Vents, Call Us for AC Refrigerant Recharge Service.

In your AC unit, refrigerant runs through a set of coils absorbing heat from the air as it goes. This heat raises the refrigerant gas’ temperature, transforming it into liquid form and flushing it outside. Once the liquid is flushed, it cools, turning back into gas form for dispersion into the air. As the heat leaves your system, a fan simultaneously blows your cooled air into your ducts to be distributed throughout your home. When your air conditioner’s refrigerant level is low, the air cooling process isn’t efficient, leaving your system blowing warm air. The Robinson Plumbing & HVAC team can quickly recharge your system to leave you with a more productive system and cooler air. When your home’s air conditioner has seen better days, call us for our home AC refrigerant recharge, offered throughout Smyrna, GA.

Professional Home AC Refrigerant Recharge Service

If your home’s AC is blowing warm air instead of cold, you probably need to recharge your refrigerant level. If your home’s AC begins blowing warm air, chances are you need your refrigerant recharged. This task can be easily completed by a technician and can deliver instant results. However, your unit should be pressure tested for leaks that could drain your refrigerant too fast. Our technicians provide complete pressure testing so you can rest assured that your lines are strong and damage-free. When you’re looking for home AC refrigerant recharge around Smyrna, GA, speak with the Robinson Plumbing & HVAC professionals at (404) 549-6888.

Don’t put up with an AC that doesn’t get cold this summer. Our expert air conditioning services are cost-effective and efficient, delivering colder air right from the start. We want you to be as comfortable and cool as possible, so call us today to get more information or to schedule your appointment.