Expert Electric Heating System Services

Your heater keeps your family warm through even the coldest weather. But when your heating system breaks down, it can cause uncomfortable as well as unsafe conditions. If your electric heating system malfunctions, call the Robinson Plumbing & HVAC technicians at (404) 549-6888 to provide electric heating system repair in Smyrna, GA so we can fix the problem fast and get your home comfortable again.

Common Electric Heater Problems

Electric Heating System Repair

If Your Electric Heating System is Blowing Hot Air or is Really Noisy, Call us for Electric Heating System Repair.

As with all heating systems, electric heating system are built for durability. However, like all appliances, your electric heat system could begin to experience trouble through time.

  • Low or No Air Blowing: The most common reason for ineffective air supply is clogged filters. To ensure your heating system blows effectively, properly evaluate and replace your filters. Blowing issues can also be caused by a blower fan malfunction, a worn belt, or even a failing exchanger or heating element.
  • Doesn’t Stop Blowing: Though blowing issues are sometimes linked to a faulty thermostat, they typically stem from a bad relay or limit switch.
  • Noisy Operation: Noises in your electric heating system could be caused by a variety of issues, from a loose panel door to a faulty blower. Because noises could stem from so many different of problems, these issues are best left to a professional.
  • Blowing Cold Air: Thermostat failure can also cause your heating system to blow cold air. When your thermostat is functioning correctly, however, you probably have an issue with the heater’s capacitors or heating element.

If you think you need electric heating system repair for your Smyrna, GA home, please call our HVAC technicians to make an appointment.

Professional Repair and Replacement Services

If you need quick, reliable heating service for your electric heating system, call the Robinson Plumbing & HVAC experts for repair that you can trust. Our experts perform a full inspection of your heater and provide effective solutions that fix your problem without breaking your bank. Our professionals have experience in every type of heating system so you know that your services are performed by the best in the business. Our experts are ready to help with all of your electric heating system repair in Smyrna, GA. Speak with us now at (404) 549-6888.